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We makes efforts in five objectives, including :

Distinguishing feature


Specific training


We are all known that the globalization is unavoidable trend by Financial market and instrument, world wild multi-national corporation and banking. Thus, it is the only way is to enhance English ability and international view to create own advantage.

1.Professional Financial English courses.
2.To Provide English-oral courses.
3.Events related to international and financial news are both included in our courses.


Due to highly development of communication and network, we could receive information quickly from financial market. Therefore how to apply digital software to the analysis of financial in-time information is essential for advancing student’s ability.

1.Classroom: Digital e-Learning Center.
2.Course design: many courses emphasize digital teaching.
3.Competition for simulated investment and trading.


Group reports are used to nurture their teamwork spirit, communication, collaboration, and enthusiasm.

1.To bring topic reports into courses.
2.Group reports emphasize communication and collaboration.


Our courses are divided into four modules for planning their future career. Besides, we also provide financial simulated exams for certification to help students sufficiently prepare to the formal ones, which can strengthen their career competence.

The following are our 3 modules :
1.Corporate Finance Modules.
2.Investment & Risk Controls Modules.
3.Financial Markets & Institutions Modules.


Ethics and character both are required by financial specialist to make trust for investors, and develop financial field well. Based on this, holistic education is the core point of student’s development.

1.Courses emphasize both business ethics and social responsibility.
2.Business ethics are required course provided by college of business.

Innovative and diversified courses

The Department of Finance offers a four-year program leading to the Bachelor degree of Finance. The minimum credits upon graduation are 128, including 91 required credits and 37 elective credits. And the required grade of at least 60 for all courses, in order to be eligible for graduation.
Students need to take at least 34 required subjects of general education credits. School of business offers two-years required subjects of “Practical English” taught by foreign teachers for strengthening the ability  of practical foreign language.
The required subject of “Business Ethics” that invited national celebrities making deep speeches enriches ethics of financial personnel.

Besides, the required basic subjects in financial fields include financial management, investment, futures and options, introduction to financial market, bank management, currency and bank, microeconomics, and macroeconomics…etc.

Two modules of the Dept. of Finance are as follows :





Corporate Finance & 
Holdings Management Modules

Industrial Analysis

Real Estate Economics

Cases in Banking Management

Investment Banking Management

Public Finance

Financial Institutions Management

Seminar on Financial Holding

Mergers and Acquisitions

Special Topics in International Investment

Financial Product & Financial Market Modules

Security and Financial Regulations

Real Estate Investment Management

International Finance

Financial Planning and Strategy

Seminar on Financial practice

Fixed Income Instruments

Financial Derivatives

Security Analysis and Investment Management

Seminar on Financial Engineering


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