Career Develop

A Guiding of professional Career

Finance plays an important role in present society. Students graduated from the Department of Finance will have a bright professional career that welcomes them toexplore more.

There are two ways that students might interest:

1.Entering a higher degree program:

College of Business has five full-time graduate programs, continuing education programs of graduate schools and two doctorate programs.

Students can read up related degree of master and doctor after graduation.Moreover, they can study in overseas or domestic graduate schools, including:

  • Graduate Institute of Finance.
  • Graduate Institute of Business Administration.
  • Graduate Institute of International Trade.
  • Graduate Institute of Economics.
  • Graduate Institute of Accounting Information.
  • Graduate Institute of Public Finance.

2.Practical development:

The future occupations are available in the fields of banking, finance and accounting for financial holding companies, banks, insurance co., securities co., investmentconsulting firms, joint ventures co., real estate co., and futures co.,…etc.

Other occupations are also available in financial management and consulting offered by business, manufactory, public financial institution, and financial consulting company.

Thus, our department aims at the view of elitist training, and undertake:

  • To cultivate financial senior managers.
  • To nurture innovated professional of financial investment and analysis.
  • To improve management skills of professional in financial institutions.
  • To enhance human capital of senior officers of financial holding companies.


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