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– To enhance professional skills of financial field.

“In order to enhance the professional skills required in the financial field, our curriculum is structured into two modules, allowing students to strategically plan their future careers. Moreover, we offer a range of simulated exams for financial certifications, aimed at deepening students’ understanding of financial concepts and honing their skills, ultimately enhancing their career readiness and competitiveness.”

– To practice financial information enrichment.

“In order to facilitate the enrichment of financial knowledge, we offer a digital learning environment called the ‘Digital e-Learning Center’ for select courses. These courses include Financial Database Practices, Applications in Financial Software, Financial Quantitative Analysis, and Intelligent Decision-Making Systems for Investments, among others.”

– To strengthen the training of professional English.

“It is crucial to acknowledge the increasing importance of English proficiency in the globalized world. Proficiency in English is key to accessing vast amounts of information about the financial markets. Students’ English skills is pivotal in determining their ability to pursue global opportunities in commerce and occupation. To address this, we offer courses such as Professional Financial English and other English oral lectures. These courses are designed to improve students’ English proficiency in a financial context. Additionally, we integrate an international perspective into our classes to cultivate students’ global outlook and bilingual capabilities.”

– To emphasize the indispensability of teamwork to solve finance-related events.

“In recognizing the complexity and dynamic nature of financial events, we underscore the indispensable role of teamwork in effectively addressing financial challenges. The ability to communicate and coordinate within a team is essential for students to navigate and resolve these issues. To instill this value, our courses incorporate group reports and presentations, among other activities, to underscore the significance of teamwork and coordination in problem-solving within the financial domain.”

Visions of the Department of Finance

The United Nations in 2015 launched the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which propose seventeen core goals for global governments and enterprises to jointly move towards sustainable development.

Many of the core goals are closely related to finance. SDGs Goal 4 is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Particularly, the main visions of the Department of Finance are to develop students to be equipped with ability to internationalization, informatization, and practicality.

In the aspect of internationalization, our department attempts for students to reinforce global competence to thrive in a rapidly changing financial market. With regard to informatization, our emphasis is placed on students’ abilities in data collection, overall information analysis, digital reproduction, and how digital marketing is adding value to business. Pertaining to practicality, the Department of Finance actively cooperates with enterprises on employment programs and internships.

We encourage students to learn how theory and practice interact through the employment program and internship because these further explore experiential learning opportunities for students and continue to the development of employability skills.

Therefore, the Department of Finance is dedicated to enabling students to become important financial talents in society and country in the future through the abilities they have learned at the university.

Educational philosophy


The EYE of Unicorn




Department Emblem

The Department of Finance, Chung Yuan University was established in August 2005, coinciding with the university’s fiftieth anniversary.

The department emblem contains many symbolic meanings:

-The snowflake metaphorically represents the rigorous and meticulous organization of the financial system, akin to the intricate structure of a snowflake; while the unpredictable and harsh financial environment is likened to a sudden change in temperature that causes the snowflake to melt instantly.

-The shell symbolizes financial value, susceptible to the impact of significant changes in the financial environment.

-The unicorn embodies strength and purity, inspiring students to not only enhance their professional knowledge but also to possess good moral character to protect the snowflake and the shell.

-The unicorn’s “horn” symbolizes students’ unremitting professional training and their courageous and forward-looking attitude.

-The castle represents the path to success in the field of finance, requiring mastery of two key elements: opportunity and innovation. As shown in the emblem, the “V” shape in the opportunity point connects the idea of linking key success factors.

-The Greek letter “α” represents the establishment of the Department of Finance, embodying the ideals of inception and innovation, inspired by Revelation 1:8.

The shield represents the blessings of the overall guardians of the financial environment, echoing the Latin phrase “Domine up scuto placabilitatis” from Psalm 5:12, which means “the Lord’s favor is like a shield.”


The motto and department emblem are designed by Professor Jo-Hui Chen, the first chairman of the Department of Finance.


Chung Yuan Christian University established the Department of Finance in response to the demand for financial talents. Professor Jo-Hui Chen served as the department chairman, shouldering the important task of nurturing professional talents in finance and finance, laying a solid foundation for the Department of Finance in Chung Yuan University.

Approved to convert from a single class to a double class enrollment, Associate Professor Shu-Hen Chiang took over the position of department head, continuing and inheriting the department’s concept of cultivating finance and finance “warriors” who are both talented and virtuous.

Approved to establish the Institute of Finance, we began to enroll master’s students, and aimed to cultivate more knowledgeable and competent finance professionals in the field of finance and finance.

Successive Chairman
2013/08/01 ~ present Professor Yu-Lun Chen
2023/02/01 ~ 2023/07/31 Professor Wan-Shin Mo
2022/02/01 ~ 2023/01/31 Professor Wen- Chien Liu
2021/08/01 ~ 2022/01/31 Professor Wen- Chien Liu
2017/08/01 ~ 2021/07/31 Professor Yen-Hsien Lee
2011/08/01 ~ 2017/07/31 Professor Shu-Hen Chiang
2005/08/01 ~ 2011/07/31 Professor Jo-Hui Chen
2005/02/01 ~ 2005/07/31 Professor Jo-Hui Chen


Teaching Honor

-Chung Yuan Christian University received the highest subsidy for comprehensive private universities under the “Education SPROUT Project” by the Ministry of Education.

– A number of esteemed faculty members within our department have been recognized as outstanding educators by the university.

– Our cadre of youthful and dedicated faculty possess extensive teaching backgrounds, with nearly all members boasting a minimum of ten years’ experience in the field.

Research Honor

-Numerous faculty members within our department have contributed scholarly articles to esteemed international finance and economics publications. Our department’s faculty demonstrate exceptional proficiency in research funding from the National Science and Technology Council, consistently receiving grants annually.

– Between the academic years 2017 and 2022, our department garnered NT$34,987,895 in grants across 43 research endeavors from the National Science and Technology Council.

– Our department ranks among the top 20% of finance and economics departments in Taiwan based on the average number of approved projects or grant amounts, reflecting our commitment to impactful research.


Research Space

-Digital Finance Development Laboratory

-Financial Information Laboratory

-Financial Forecasting Center

-Lecture hall

-Students’ association room

-Faculty research rooms

Teaching Space

-Digital Learning Center for Financial Education

-Financial License Examination Center

-Computer classrooms

-Student research rooms

-Discussion rooms



-TEJ TSE & OTC Listed Company Data Base

AREMOS International Monetary Fund (IMF) International Financial Statistics (IFS) database

-Foreign Exchange (FOREX) database

-International Economic (INTLINE) database

-TEJ Finance


-TEJ (China)

-XQ Global Winner System


-CSMAR Solution

-S&P Capital IQ


Business Information Database

-ABI/Inform Global

-TEJ TOP3000

-Top 1000 (CommonWealth Magazine)

-Business groups in Taiwan

-Taiwan Rating

-Taiwan Management Articles Collection (MARS)

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